When Readiness is not an option, Readitrak by Federal Resources has your back.

ReadiTrak by Federal Resources is a Web-based instrument maintenance manager that helps track and support all of your CBRNE equipment in one easy-to-use interface. It’s your go-to place for technical support, repairs, and the information and training materials needed to keep your equipment- and your operators - in peak condition.

The Benefits



The Readitrak by Federal Resources dashboard is customizable, allowing each user to view equipment records, trouble tickets, contacts and knowledge base entries.

Equipment Tracking

Readitrak by Federal Resources tracks detailed equipment information including assigned users, location history, trouble tickets, maintenance and repair history.

Trouble Tickets

Readitrak by Federal Resources logs every equipment issue and technical support request with current status, conversation history, parts records, resolution and root cause analysis.

Knowledge Base

ReadiTrak by Federal Resources has a vast Knowledge base that helps the user find answers to common equipment questions, standard operating procedures, equipment documentation and training materials.

Preventative Maintenance

ReadiTrak by Federal Resources guides users and technicians through the scheduling, notification and performance of preventive maintenance, which can be customized for your organization.


ReadiTrak by Federal Resources has a large and growing knowledge base which includes a range of training decks for common instruments and can host online training courses designed specifically for your team.

Advanced Reporting

ReadiTrak by Federal Resources provides executives and managers with comprehensive, customizable, actionable metrics like equipment status, repair history, operational availability and cost.

Barcode Support

ReadiTrak by Federal Resources speeds up your maintenance and calibration workflow by quickly recalling equipment records using a smartphone camera or dedicated scanner.

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